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Seven reasons why aluminium bi-folds are better than uPVC bi-folds

2 June 2023 | General

As the UK summer approaches, it’s a popular time for homeowners to want to upgrade their properties with a new bifold door.

As well as increasing kerb appeal, new bi-folds are an ideal solution to making homes look smarter.

Of course, homeowners not only have a choice of colours and configurations for their new bi-fold, but of material as well – aluminium or uPVC.

Both types offer very different features – and in this blog, we’ve come up with seven reasons why aluminium is the way to go for your next home improvement.

What’s the difference between aluminium bi-folds and uPVC bi-folds?

There are a range of differences that make aluminium bifold doors and uPVC bi-fold doors very different in both their aesthetic and performance.

Aluminium bi-fold doors are a lightweight and robust structure that will provide many years of service. The aluminium doors are typically comprised of aluminium profiles that have been sandwiched around a polyamide thermal break.

This rigid insulation material allows for excellent thermal efficiency, eliminating cold draughts, keeping homes warmer for longer and reducing the cost of energy bills.

uPVC bi-fold doors, meanwhile, are manufactured to incorporate multiple chambers into the profile. This greatly improves thermal performance and strength. However, this feature often makes the aesthetic of the uPVC bi-folds look bulky, leaving the doors with less glazed areas and more plastic.

Why are aluminium bi-folds better than uPVC bi-folds?

open smart Visofold leading to garden area

1. Strength and durability

Aluminium is a strong and robust material, making it highly durable. It can withstand extreme weather conditions without warping, cracking, or fading, ensuring long-term performance. uPVC, on the other hand, may be prone to warping and can become brittle over time.

2. Slimmer sightlines

Aluminium bi-fold doors typically feature slimmer frames compared to uPVC, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic. The slim sightlines maximise the glass area, allowing for more natural light to enter the room and offering better views of the outside.

3. Larger panel sizes

Aluminium frames can support larger panel sizes, allowing for wider door openings and unobstructed views. This is particularly beneficial when you have a larger opening or want to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

4. Design versatility

Aluminium bi-fold doors offer greater design flexibility, with a wide range of finishes, colours, and styles available. They can be powder-coated or anodised to achieve various looks, ensuring that you can find a design that suits your aesthetic preferences and complements your property.

5. Thermal efficiency

Steel look bifold doors in Slough

Aluminium bi-fold doors can be thermally broken, meaning they have a layer of insulating material within the frame to minimise heat transfer. This improves energy efficiency, reduces heat loss, and can help lower heating and cooling costs. While uPVC bi-fold doors also provide insulation, thermally broken aluminium frames tend to offer better overall thermal performance.

6. Security

Aluminium bi-fold doors are inherently strong and can be designed with enhanced security features. They can incorporate multi-point locking systems, robust hinges, and toughened or laminated glass, providing a high level of security for your home.

7. Low maintenance

Aluminium is a low-maintenance material that is resistant to corrosion, rust, and fading. It does not require regular painting or sealing, unlike uPVC, which may need periodic cleaning and maintenance to retain its appearance.

How can Direct Trade Windows help you?

At Direct Trade Windows, we supply and install the high quality Visofold 1000 aluminium bi-fold from Smart, which can be used in a domestic living space as well as commercially in bars or restaurants, creating a glazed screen that allows in the maximum amount of light while also easily gliding open thanks to smooth operation, high performance and functionality.

With a choice of opening configurations to suit any application, they also have the option of either low thresholds for easy access, or rebated thresholds for improved weather resistance.

We also supply and install the Visofold 6000, which is flexible enough to be suitable for both commercial and residential projects where large opening apertures are required, with the system maximising light and space to provide unimpeded views.

This highly-versatile door offers easy operation and is the perfect solution for even the largest project, capable of opening up an entire wall while also offering a contemporary, elegant façade.

For more information contact our friendly team of installers, or visit our state of the art showrooms in Slough or Brighton to see our aluminium products up close.

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