Steel Look Bi-Fold Doors

We install fantastic steel look bi-fold doors across Slough, Watford, Greater London, the South East, and the surrounding areas.

Steel Look Bi-Fold Doors

Our beautiful steel look bi-fold doors are the perfect fit for commercial and residential properties in Watford, Slough, Greater London and surrounding areas. Offering an elegant design and a sleek finish, you can enjoy our products’ many practical benefits. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they also provide unrivalled thermal performance, security and durability.

Here at Direct Trade Windows, we use state-of-the-art profiles designed to perform for years to come. We work with industry-leading suppliers who build steel look bi-fold doors for all types of properties. Get your free quote today using our online quoting engine. This handy tool is the perfect starting point for your home improvements project.

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Technical Specification

  • U Value 1.5W/m²K (using 1.0W/m²K glass unit)
  • Slide Folding Door Max Width 1000mm
  • Slide Folding Door Max Height 2200mm
  • Slide Folding Door Max Weight 100kg
  • Glazing 24mm, 28mm, 32mm or 40mm double or triple glazed units
  • Frame Depth 76mm or 82mm
  • Typical sightlines 94mm
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Steel Look Bi-Fold Door Benefits



Our steel look bi-fold doors are extremely versatile. Whether you want to create an open space or create two separate rooms, you have the flexibility to create any space you wish. No matter what style of home you have, you can utilise your brand-new doors to work alongside your lifestyle.


The steel look bi-fold doors that we install have various design options available. We offer several choices as well as matching hardware accessories for the perfect finishing touch. Our sashes can be folded internally or externally to suit the layout of your home. When closed, the sashes sit flush against the frame.


We offer a variety of threshold options for your steel look bi-fold doors. Our low threshold options are perfect for those that need better accessibility, whilst our rebated threshold will provide you with improved weather protection. The doors will prevent any unwanted water ingress and draughts.


Our steel look bi-fold doors are designed to secure your home against even the most extreme weather. The aluminium profile and robust double glazing combine to work against all the elements. Our products are fitted with a polyamide thermal break, excellent for providing a robust and weatherproof door.


Choosing steel look bi-fold doors provide you with a seamless transition from one space to another. The sashes are hung from a floating mullion and side on a recessed roller. Our industry-leading profile is ultra-slim and allows smooth and easy operation.


We have professional installers with years of experience in the industry. Our team have installed numerous steel look bi-fold doors to all times of homes and businesses. From quotation to installation, we offer a comprehensive service and provide our expert advice at all times.

Aluminium Colour Options

Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016
Pure White - RAL 9010
Jet Black - RAL 9005

KL 'Natural' Colour Range

As well as the natural colour range, we also offer our aluminium products in any RAL colour.

Matt White
Matt White
Gloss White
Gloss White
Off White
Gloss Off-White
Dark Red
Dark Red
Matt Brown
Matt Brown
Dark Brown
Gloss Dark Brown
Dark Grey
Dark Grey
Airforce Grey
Airforce Grey
Dark Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Dark green

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Steel Look Bi-Fold Doors Features

Slim Sightlines

Our aluminium profiles mean that we can afford to have slimmer frames. This means that you can benefit from slim sightlines on your new steel look bi-fold doors. The narrow frame allows for wider glass surface. Your doors will flood your property with natural daylight and gives you uninterrupted views of your surroundings. The luminosity will create the illusion of a more spacious environment. Despite the slimmer frame, our products do not compromise on their performance. Aluminium is the most robust profile on the market.

Low Maintenance

Your brand-new steel look bi-fold doors are designed not to warp, crack or discolour. The state-of-the-art manufacturing fits the products with high-quality components that will protect your home. Unlike traditional timber doors, our products will work against adverse British weather. When exposed to the heat, it will not expand, and will not rust in the rain. You can trust us to install a door which will protect you for years to come. From time to time they may need a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Advanced Security

We understand that security is a top priority for homeowners. Our steel look bi-fold doors are fitted with cutting-edge security systems, designed to keep you safe at all costs. There are multi-point locking systems on all opening sashes, alongside shootbolts on floating mullions. We ensure that after the installation, you can feel safe in your property throughout the year. Each of our locks is tested rigorously to adhere to the latest safety and building regulations. You will rest assured that your steel look bi-fold doors are designed to secure your home.

Thermal Efficiency

Our steel look bi-fold doors will provide you with excellent thermal performance all year round. The aluminium profiles are fitted with polyamide thermal breaks and can achieve an excellent U-Value of 1.5W/m2K. The low level of heat transfer will prevent your home’s natural heat from escaping outside. The double glazing that can be fitted in your doors trap the warm air in the two panes of glass and keeps it within your home. As our products work to insulate your home, you can rely less on using your heating.

Glass Options

charcoal sticks
Charcoal Sticks

Steel Look Bi-Fold Door Prices

We can install fantastic steel look bi-fold doors to Slough, Watford, London and the surrounding areas. Get your free quote today using our online quoting tool. Choose your design, enter your house dimensions, and we will provide you with a bespoke estimate.

Alternatively, you can get in touch through our online contact form. If you prefer to speak to someone directly, you can give us a ring on 01923 777 722. Our friendly team are available to answer any questions that you may have.  


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