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Aluminium Steel Style Doors In Harrow

By working with us at Direct Trade, we will provide you with the highest quality aluminium steel style doors for your project. If you are looking for something to impress your Harrow customers, get in touch with the expert team here at Direct Trade, and we can talk about increasing your client base in Harrow.

Find exactly what you need with our wide range of aluminium steel style doors. Our traditional designs benefit from contemporary technologies and have wide appeal to commercial and residential projects. We source our aluminium steel style doors from Smart who are industry leaders in their field. Please get in touch today to find out more information about how we can help you. There are many benefits to bringing our steel style doors to your business, and we look forward to helping you grow.

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Technical Specification

  • U Value 1.5W/m²K (using 1.0W/m²K glass unit)
  • WER B
  • Side Hung Vent Max o/a width 700mm
  • Side Hung Vent Min o/a width 300mm
  • Top Hung Vent Max o/a width 1400mm
  • Top Hung Vent Max o/a height 1300mm
  • Top Hung Vent Min o/a height 275mm
  • Maximum Vent weight 40kg
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Steel Style Doors Benefits


Our double glazed steel look doors come with the benefit of additional thermal performance. With our profiles, you can expect excellent weatherproofing. gIve your customers peace of mind against the unpredictable British weather with our Smart steel style doors.


Our double glazed steel style doors boast many additional benefits, including optimal thermal performance. You can expect the highest quality with excellent weatherproofing, giving your customers peace of mind about their investment in our products and your business.


Our sleek, stylish and high performing aluminium steel style doors are an excellent choice. Browse our quality range today and improve business for you in Harrow.


Here at Direct Trade, we are professional and experienced double glazing installers, who are more than happy to assist with installing your customer's project. Expect only the very best from us and our communication with you along the way. By choosing to work with us at Direct Trade, you can expect ongoing support throughout your business journey.


The stunning frames' broadness is guaranteed to bring beautiful natural light and an airy ambience to wherever they are installed. Make your customers happy with our excellent range of aluminium steel style doors.


Give your customers peace of mind with the high-level security that comes with our aluminium steel style profiles. Any intruders' potential threat will be omitted thanks to the industry-leading technology, durable double glazing and robust aluminium framework. Please find out more about our products' benefits by getting in touch with our team via our contact options.

Aluminium Colour Options

Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016
Pure White - RAL 9010
Jet Black - RAL 9005

KL 'Natural' Colour Range

As well as the natural colour range, we also offer our aluminium products in any RAL colour.

Matt White
Matt White
Gloss White
Gloss White
Off White
Gloss Off-White
Dark Red
Dark Red
Matt Brown
Matt Brown
Dark Brown
Gloss Dark Brown
Dark Grey
Dark Grey
Airforce Grey
Airforce Grey
Dark Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Dark green

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Steel Alternative Doors Features


Because our high-quality products are so versatile, you will find that they are well suited to various projects in Harrow. The steel style doors boast appeal to homeowner customers looking to improve the aesthetic of their home and are also suited to customers who have a smaller living space. By working with us at Direct Trade, you will provide for any home improvements project.

Various Styles

Explain the many benefits of our outstanding steel style doors to your valued customers. Not only are they visually stunning, but they benefit from top security in addition to the best modern technology. We have bi-fold doors or sliding doors available in addition to the traditional french style. Get in touch with us via our contact form to find out more information.

Designs Made To Last

Your customers will appreciate the high-quality products and services provided to them with our doors, and your business combined. Increase your customer base with our low maintenance, high-performance steel style doors. Get in touch today and let’s talk about how you can bring steel look doors to your business in Harrow.

Thermal Performance

Our top-quality, double glazing, is guaranteed to enhance any project. There are many benefits to choosing our steel style doors by Smart. Explain to your customers that they will reduce their carbon footprint by choosing Smart or that they feature the highest level of security. It has never been easier to grow your customer base than with us here at Direct Trade.

Glass Options

charcoal sticks
Charcoal Sticks

Steel Look Doors Prices In Harrow

If you are looking to bring something a little different to your valued Harrow customers, then consider our high-quality steel look doors from Direct Trade. If you would like more information, then please get in touch today.

Why don’t you leave us a message on our simple online contact form? It is available on the go wherever you are. A professional member of the team will get back to you as soon as they can with all the information you need to bring our products to your business. We offer many products and services to traders in Harrow, and we look forward to working with you.

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