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Take a look at our selection of steel look doors here in Harrow.

Steel Look Doors Harrow

With Direct Trade, you can install steel look doors for your home in Harrow that lead the market. Our steel look doors give your home a visual impact and make it feel warmer, brighter, and even safer. Your new door will be sleek and streamlined, with large glazing areas to ensure that natural light can flow throughout your home.

We can offer our steel look doors to homeowners in Harrow but also commercial customers. Because of this, you can add these durable doors to your business or commercial building to impress clients and customers alike. And, with our advanced designs, you can also improve the insulation of your space throughout the year. As a result, you could find that you save money on your energy bills!

steel look doors Harrow

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Technical Specification

  • U Value 1.5W/m²K (using 1.0W/m²K glass unit)
  • WER B
  • Side Hung Vent Max o/a width 700mm
  • Side Hung Vent Min o/a width 300mm
  • Top Hung Vent Max o/a width 1400mm
  • Top Hung Vent Max o/a height 1300mm
  • Top Hung Vent Min o/a height 275mm
  • Maximum Vent weight 40kg
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Steel Look Doors Benefits


With steel look doors, you can make your Harrow home far more efficient. Our designs feature leading materials such as aluminium to provide an alternative to steel while still capturing the same look and feel. Aluminium is a highly durable and dense material, meaning it can offer superb insulation. Along with the double glazing in the design, this helps save energy.


As a result of your home being warmer, our steel look doors can also make it more environmentally friendly. As your new doors insulate your home, you can begin to use your central heating a lot less. From there, you'll be using far less energy, meaning you won't be wasting any either. You can improve your carbon footprint and make your home more sustainable!


We're proud to be trusted local installers of steel look doors in Harrow. With us, you can rely on a friendly, professional and personalised service for your home. We'll fit your new steel look doors made-to-measure according to your specifications. Not only that, we'll do our best to work around your schedule and offer shorter waiting times and lower prices.


With aluminium frames, your new steel look doors will be sleek and streamlined. Aluminium has such strength that you can fit it to your doors in slimline shapes, meaning you get larger glazed areas inside your door. Because of this, more natural light can pass into your home, meaning it can feel warmer and brighter. However, the cold won't pass through with it.


We're proud to install steel look doors for your Harrow home that are market-leading designs. We work with Smart, a leading aluminium designer, to make sure you invest in doors of the highest quality. With their durable profiles inside your door, you can benefit from impressive heat and sound insulation and weather protection that lasts for decades to come.


Our steel look doors can also make your Harrow home far more secure. Aluminium is an impressively strong material, meaning your new doors will be impact-resistant. Not only that, our doors come loaded with security features such as multi-point locking systems as standard. You can rely on your new doors to protect you when it matters most, giving you peace of mind.

Aluminium Colour Options

Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016
Pure White - RAL 9010
Jet Black - RAL 9005

KL 'Natural' Colour Range

As well as the natural colour range, we also offer our aluminium products in any RAL colour.

Matt White
Matt White
Gloss White
Gloss White
Off White
Gloss Off-White
Dark Red
Dark Red
Matt Brown
Matt Brown
Dark Brown
Gloss Dark Brown
Dark Grey
Dark Grey
Airforce Grey
Airforce Grey
Dark Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Dark green

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Steel Look Doors Features


Our aluminium steel look doors can upgrade any space inside your Harrow home. It’s because the aluminium profiles in your design are highly versatile, meaning they can perform anywhere in your living space. Your profiles can suit any aesthetic seamlessly, and they’re capable of working well as internal and external doors too. Additionally, they work well for homeowners and commercial clients alike.

Different Styles

You can also invest in steel look doors from a wide range of styles. We can offer our steel look doors as French doors, meaning they can open in two halves to create a broader entrance. We offer plenty of other designs, too, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to designing your new entrance. All of our steel look doors are fully customisable for your Harrow home.

Designed To Last

When you choose our steel look doors, you’ll make an investment that’s built to last. Our doors perform for the long term, offering superior energy efficiency and security that you can rely on in the long run. Our durable designs will perform for up to 50 years, and you won’t have to carry out regular maintenance either! Our doors’ structure will stand the test of time.

Thermal Performance

Our steel look doors can make your energy go so much further. You won’t lose nearly as much heat from your living space as the aluminium profiles capture more of it. Not only that, you won’t have to use it as often to keep your home warm, helping you save money almost every day. With our steel look doors, you can create a cosier, more comfortable Harrow home with ease.

Glass Options

charcoal sticks
Charcoal Sticks

Steel Look Doors Prices Harrow

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