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Discover beautiful steel replacement doors for your home in Slough, Watford, Greater London, the South East and throughout the surrounding areas.

Aluminium Steel Alternative Doors

Here at Direct Trade, we offer the best and most up to date residential and commercial solutions for those based in Slough, Watford, Beaconsfield, Harrow, West London, Hendon, Richmond, Greater London, Berkshire, the South East and throughout the nearby areas. Are you searching for a design that is a little different to other offers available on the double glazing market today?

Your search stops with our beautiful steel look doors. This traditional style is making its way back into fashion. This means that homeowners and commercial clients alike are trying to transform their property with our alternative to steel doors. They are constructed using the fantastic Smart aluminium profiles. Want more information? Get in touch with the team here to find out all the details regarding our stunning answer to steel doors.

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Technical Specification

  • U Value 1.5W/m²K (using 1.0W/m²K glass unit)
  • WER B
  • Side Hung Vent Max o/a width 700mm
  • Side Hung Vent Min o/a width 300mm
  • Top Hung Vent Max o/a width 1400mm
  • Top Hung Vent Max o/a height 1300mm
  • Top Hung Vent Min o/a height 275mm
  • Maximum Vent weight 40kg
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Steel Alternative Doors Benefits



Our double glazed steel style doors come with the added benefit of having outstanding thermal performance. You will benefit from a great weatherproof performance that will keep you warm and cosy throughout the year.


Our aluminium steel style doors have fantastic aesthetics that you will be sure to show off. Their unique design creates a striking impression that allows in natural light through a series of grid like frames. Get in touch for more information.


Opting for these incredible doors will greatly improve your carbon footprint. This is because they offer energy efficiency. This will stop you from using your heating too often to keep your structure warm and cosy.


Something that cannot be denied is Smart’s outstanding aluminium profiles. By utilising these for our sleek steel style doors, you will benefit from an installation that will be sure to last for many years to come.


Here at Direct Trade, we are professional installers. You can rely on us to provide steel replacement doors. We ensure that each fit is perfect for your home or business. Our team will listen to you and put you first.


Enjoy better security with our fantastic steel alternative doors. Their strength and stability will be sure to keep you safe and secure. Potential intruders will be kept out through robust double glazing and durable aluminium frames.

Aluminium Colour Options

Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016
Pure White - RAL 9010
Jet Black - RAL 9005

KL 'Natural' Colour Range

As well as the natural colour range, we also offer our aluminium products in any RAL colour.

Matt White
Matt White
Gloss White
Gloss White
Off White
Gloss Off-White
Dark Red
Dark Red
Matt Brown
Matt Brown
Dark Brown
Gloss Dark Brown
Dark Grey
Dark Grey
Airforce Grey
Airforce Grey
Dark Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Dark green

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Steel Alternative Doors Features


With these beautiful products, you will be able to find a variety of applications that you can use them for. Opt for steel alternative internal doors or external doors for a fantastic way of improving the overall aesthetic of your home with ease. You can even get steel style room dividers which is excellent for a modern appeal in contemporary homes and structures. Want to find out more about the great versatility of these installations? Get in touch with us today.

Different Styles

Another fantastic benefit that comes from these stunning installations is the vast selection of styles that you can opt for. You don’t have to just opt for a French door style. You can also benefit from steel style bifold doors or even sliding steel alternative doors. The choice is down to you. Reach out to us to find out more information about these fantastic doors. You can also find out all the variety of styles that these profiles can be fitted in.

Designed To Last

Another benefit of opting for aluminium steel replacement doors is the fact that they are designed to last. This means that homeowners and businesses alike can invest in these rustic doors and know that they will last for many years to come. Unlike their previous style, they will not rust and require maintenance to upkeep. Instead, you can benefit from a stylish design that won’t falter with colours that don’t peel or wash away.

Thermal Performance

With any double glazing installation, you want to know that it will keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the entire year. Our steel style doors are no different. The cold weather will be held at bay, and the sun won’t make your structure feel too hot to bare. Instead, benefit from a beautiful installation that will keep the infamous British weather out. Do you want more information? Please do not hesitate to speak to the team today.

Glass Options

charcoal sticks
Charcoal Sticks

Steel Style Doors Prices

Are you looking for steel style doors in Slough, Watford, West London, North London, Hendon, Brent Cross and the surrounding areas? Get in touch with the team here at Direct Trade for more information about these fantastic products.

You can leave us a message via our online contact form. This tool can be used at any point, night and day. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to give you all the details you may need about these sleek steel style doors. We can also provide information about our other products and services.


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